We would like to invite you to become a financial member of Kehillat Kadimah in 2018 as we move forward together in our journey to bring renewal and community engagement to the Orthodox community of Rose Bay and surrounding areas.

Financial Budget
Kehillat Kadimah operates on a financial year ending 31 December, matching the calendar year. In arriving at 2018 membership rates, we have developed a financial model to consider infrastructure, services and activities to support our essential services, growth initiatives and desire for financial responsibility.

Like any club or community based organisation, Kehillat Kadimah has a finite number of revenue streams and income raising opportunities to fund its day-to-day operational running costs. The single largest source of this is annual membership fees, which represents 80% of budgeted annual revenue. The remainder comes from donations, with a strong emphasis on the Kol Nidre Appeal, kiddushim sponsorship and alliyot throughout the year.

Budgeted expenses for 2018 are roughly split as follows: 

  • 50.0% on salaries, wages and on costs (incl allowance for a new rabbi)
  • 25.0% on rent, utilities and building outgoings
  • 12.5% on functions, events, choir and youth activities
  • 12.5% on other operational and administration expenses and financial buffer

Subject to the number of members who join, we expect that this will result in a modest financial surplus for the year. Where additional projects arise from a community need or an opportunity for community expansion, we will look to separately fund these through direct donor support.

Audited financial results for the period ended 31 December 2017 (representing slightly less than 6 months of operation) will be made available to members prior to the Annual General Meeting scheduled for late March 2018.

Membership Rates
Membership rates for the calendar year 2018 have been set as follows: 

Option A: Upfront Payment

Option B: Monthly Membership

Upfront payment of $1,200 per member if fully paid no later than 28 February 2018. If after 28 February 2018, membership will revert to $1,380 for the 2018 year.

Monthly membership of $115 per month based on 12 instalments ($1,380 in total). Monthly membership applications received after January 2018 will be charged at $1,380 divided by the remaining months left in the 2018 year.


Click here to become a Kehillat Kadimah Member 

Under the monthly membership rate, this is the same price as 2017 membership ($690 for the six-month period), while the upfront payment option provides an incentive discount for those who wish to pay for the year in advance. For most people who were members of South Head & District Synagogue, the 2018 membership rates represent a decrease in fees.

For those who wish to be Kehillat Kadimah Supporters, this is a category of association best suited to those who attend the Youth Minyan, those who are “out of towners” or those who only with our community for part of the year (outside of High Holy Days). Kehillat Kadimah Supporters are not allocated a seat for High Holy Days, and nor are they members for the purposes of the AGM. In 2018, the rate to be a Kehillat Kadimah Supporter is $360 per person, which can only be made as a one-off donation.


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Subsidies and Financial Assistance
Of course, we will never turn away any current or future member on financial grounds. We do however believe in a philosophy of all members contributing to form a community mindset. In return for any financial concession rates which might be agreed upon, we would look for those with an ability or skill to commit to an anonymous volunteer service throughout the year. This might be committing to a regular minyan, helping set up for a Kiddush, helping build the Sukkah or any other activity which make our community stronger.

Applications Forms for Financial Assistance (which includes a section of commitment to volunteer) can be downloaded here and submitted in writing directly to the office. These will be considered in a strictly private and confidential basis by members of the Board.

Payment Methods
We are endeavouring to make payments as simple as possible, with options to include instructions for standing credit card and direct debit authorisations. The first payment will be taken at the time of application, with an invoice issued in the second month which has an option for standing authorisation. Please contact the office for direct debit options.

While discouraged, manual payments (cash and cheque) can be made via the office, however they will attract a service fee of $5 per payment due to the additional administration needed to process such payments.

Seating Allocation
With regards to seating and seat allocation, all members of South Head & District Synagogue (SHDS) at the point of liquidation will have the opportunity to retain their original seat(s) through membership to Kehillat Kadimah in the first quarter of 2018. If membership to Kehillat Kadimah by previous SHDS members is not taken up by 31 March 2018, we cannot guarantee the allocation of a seat previously held in SHDS.

All remaining seat allocations will be considered on a best endeavours and good faith basis. Depending on membership numbers, we may need to consider the potential for a second service in the Herbert Hall during the High Holy Days. If this need does arise, we will consider options to differentiate this service.

Membership and AGM
In order to participate in Kehillat Kadimah’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held prior to Pesach 2018, it is important to become a committed financial member. To nominate or be nominated as a proposed director, or to be eligible to vote or to have speaking rights at the AGM, you must be a financial member as at 28 February 2018. As a reminder, Kehillat Kadimah’s Constitution can be found on our website here.

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